Is a magic mirror better than a normal photo booth?

For us, normal booths are a bit old hat and everyone has seen one before - or at least got a passport photo in one similar!  

There’s a stack of reasons why we think the mirror is a better choice and we’ve compiled a few for you to consider:

Funky fresh…

The magic mirror is still relatively new and when it’s in a room, it can gather a crowd of curious guests who want to know what it’s all about and give it a go - which is exactly what you want!

Out in the open…

With the mirror, the stuffy box in the corner of the room is ditched and everything is brought into the open.   Everything just feels nicer and it’s a more pleasurable experience to get a photo when there’s no walls penning you in.

You can get more people in a photo, it’s easier to change props, you can switch positions with friends and create really different photos without getting hit by a flying limb.

Fun for everyone…

Sometimes we’re asked if guests become shy because there’s no walls - and in all honesty the opposite is true.  A photo booth is always a safe space to let go and with friends egging you on as they stand around we actually get bolder pics!

The shy guests actually get more comfortable with the mirror as they can watch others having a go and get a feel for what it’s about, building up their confidence to don a sombrero!

Also, it’s a much more accessible type of booth for guests who may be in a wheelchair or need assistance.

Better pictures…

Normal booth photos are usually head and shoulders - but the mirror gives you full length, so you can see what the full outfits looked like on the day and stack people up in the pics!

While the mirror can be used without a backdrop just fine, the best pictures are achieved with a backdrop that we include as part of our package.   We can also do something extra special in green screen!

Pictures are taken with a high quality DSLR camera that is built into the premium grade glass of the mirror so you get exceptional quality pics every time. It’s no cheap snapper!

See yourself first…

You’ve got some killer props but how do you look? Will this selfie look awesome? The mirror’s obvious benefit to a normal photo booth is that you can see how that feather boa looks as you strike your finest tea-pot pose and pout.

Adaptable footprint…

Not only does the mirror look better in a room compared to a normal photo booth, it’s got more positioning options to make sure it looks amazing and maintains access.

We’ve been known to squeeze into corners, go up against the walls and even hide under a tipi. Our team is pretty flexible and we’ll do the best with the space you provide - but more space is better!

Customisable styling…

To us, a normal photo booth doesn’t look pretty in the first place and the outside isn’t customisable.  With the mirror, we can change things easily to fit a room you’ve put effort into styling for a particular theme or colour scheme.

Your PhotoBomb hire includes a choice of backdrops for the photos, a choice of carpet runway colour, we can even change the colour of the LED lights around the mirror - and of course we can control what’s on the screen with logos, text and more.

Because we’re passionate about making our mirror look fantastic in a room we also bring up-lighters, foliage and other ways to spruce up a space to get stuck into a theme.

There’s so many ways you can customise our mirror for your event and we’re adding new things all the time.

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