About our mirror

Why the Magic Mirror?

We think it's so much better than an old fashioned photo booth.

Packed full of the latest tech, our magic mirror is a giant interactive touch screen with colourful animations and amazing features you just don't get with a normal boring booth.

We've torn down the curtains, ditched the stuffy booth and brought everything into the open so all your guests have a laugh, in or out of the picture.

The full length mirror lets you check you're looking good for the high-quality digital pic and our awesome props make sure you're ready for your next Facebook profile pic!

Easy booking

Tell us the essential details and we'll do the rest, worry free events!

Unlimited prints

Your guests can come back as many times as they like and everyone in the shot gets a copy of the pic.

Stylish guestbook

A copy for a guestbook, with silver and gold messages on black paper. Great memories to keep.

Top-notch attendants

Our guys don't stand there, we make sure everyone has a good time and gets the best pictures.

Instant prints

No waiting around, you get this awesome momento to take away instantly and show to your mates.

Social sharing

Our pics are ultimate profile pics, so get them on Facebook, Twitter, Insta straight away!

Make it yours!

Customise pretty much everything, from the carpet runway and ropes to the animations on screen.

Designer prints

Our graphic designer will work with you to create a print out that looks great. Logos, names, dates, no prob.

Digital copies

For you to keep, share, send, post, filter, photoshop and treasure forever and ever!

DSLR pro camera

It's no naff snapper, it's a professional Canon DSLR camera with incredible picture quality.

Light it up

The frame features LED lights with a range of options that can match your brand or theme.

Your choice of time

Starting at two hours, we can go all night if you want us to! Just tell us and we'll be there.