Meet the team

The awesome people that make PhotoBomb


Keeps the PhotoBomb cogs turning and grows the business from our warehouse in Leeds.


Queen of creative stuff and the girl who makes sure your event is personalised and unique.


Knows every single word to Fresh Prince of Bel Air - even the weird verses. Will dance on request.


Training to be a nurse - which is handy if the excitement of an inflatable banana gets too much.

What our team does

Every PhotoBomb event has two of our team in attendance and they're either part of the family or people we know and trust to do make your day awesome.  On the night, they'll do stuff like:

  • Get there on time and set up the mirror in your venue
  • Make sure the pictures will be exceptional quality
  • Interact with guests and show them how to use the mirror
  • Encourage guests to leave a message in your guestbook
  • Keep things safe as well as fun
  • Look smart and be professional with your guests
  • Discreetly take things down and pack up

With two of us on hand, we've got the time to deal with your guests without rushing, ensure everyone is happy and keep things moving when it gets busy.

If you need something on the night, ask our team and we'll do our best to meet your needs and get the most out of the mirror.