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A gorgeous, elegant pick n mix stand


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16 bowls of yummy favourites!

A pick n mix stand is enormously popular for weddings these days with most people going for a cart look.

We've decided to do something different and have created a round, elegant stand with floral decor and 16 glass bowls of all-time favourite pick n mix sweets.

It can be placed anywhere in a room and accessed all the way round and we provide chrome tongs and scoops - along with a choice of colourful bags.  We can even provide custom stickers for your day.

Our attendants will fill the pick n mix for your guests and monitor it through the night, helping little guests if needed.

Want it without the mirror?

No problem! Hiring with the mirror is £145 and the stand is there for the same duration as your mirror hire.   Without the mirror, it's £195 for two hours with an attendant.