Amazing photo experiences

 Set up space


Let’s make it look amazing!

The way we set up our mirror booth space is to create the wow factor and very different to how a lot of mirror companies out there do it. The cowboys of this world will plonk the mirror in a corner and a plastic box of props on the floor and crack on, but we use a backdrop to make your photos awesome, use a great hat stand and prop table with loads of quality props and finish it off with lighting and a carpet to guide people where to stand.

Set up examples coming soon.

Questions and answers


How much space do you need to set up?
To do it properly, we use a guide space of 3x3 metres. This is enough to set up everything and make it look brilliant, but we can fit into slightly snugger dimensions if needed. The ceiling height must be at least 2.5metres for the backdrop to go up.

Can you be in the middle of a room?
We ideally need to be able to set the backdrop up against a wall. This is for safety, as drunk people seem to think that the backdrop is a solid wall and often try to lean on it. 🤷‍♂️

Where can power be?
We need power within ten metres of the mirror, with a safe run for cables to get to the mirror. We run our own six plug extension off one plug, so you need to also make sure it is adequate power. Especially in a marquee!

What do you need to know for access?
The mirror is also big. So we need to make sure we can get the flight case in. Please check for tight corners, narrow corridors, if there’s any steps and which floor we’re on. If we can’t get the mirror in safely, we cannot deliver your booking.

How long do you need to set up?
We need about an hour to set up. Please consider if we can access the space without disturbing guests eating or at tables - and tell your venue in advance if they might need to move furniture for our space.