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Questions and answers

How many hours should I go for?
The guidance we have is as follows, but it can also depend on how visible we are in the venue and how up-for-it your guests are too!

Under 100 guests > 2 hours
100 - 150 guests > 3 hours
150 - 250 guests > 4 hours

Please note that two hour bookings are only available between Monday and Thursday.

What time do you arrive and leave my venue?
We typically arrive at least 1 hour before your photo start time to set up, although often a little earlier. We will pack up as soon as your photo time has finished to leave and free up your space again.

Can you arrive earlier, or leave later?
We can do idle time, where the booth is set up but not in use before your photo time. A member of our team will be with it or nearby at all times as we do not leave our expensive kit unattended for insurance purposes. Idle time is charged at £30 per hour the booth is set up but not in use.

When is the best time for a wedding?
From experience, the mirror works best as a 3 hour booking with a start time between 7pm and 8pm. 90% of the weddings we do start around this time, which coincides with when evening guests will often arrive.

Can I extend the time on the night?
Yes you can, however we do ask for payment in either cash or credit card before starting that additional time. Our team is able to take payments at events.